1. What is EntryLogic?

EntryLogic is a cloud-based visitor management software solution that facilitates the sign in and sign out processes for businesses, offices, schools, or any facility that requires visitors to sign in and sign out. The software ensures that all data entered is safely and securely stored and accessible if you need it.

2. Why is visitor management important?

Visitor Management systems are designed to improve the efficiency of your lobby operations, while ensuring safety for your facility, visitors, and employees. Companies can also collect accurate data and track visitor information, which can be used for contact tracing and to meet certain compliance requirements.

3. How does EntryLogic work?

EntryLogic’s visitor management system combines a cloud-based visitor management software with a compliment of devices including tablets, thermal badge printers, and ID scanners to bring efficiency and security to your workplace through a secure sign in and sign out process for both visitors and employees.

4. Can I sign in visitors from the web application?

Yes, EntryLogic supports both self sign in through tablets as well as assisted sign in by a receptionist through our web application.

5. How does touch-less sign in work?

When a guest arrives and uses the kiosk to sign in, they have the option to use touchless sign in by scanning the QR code present on the kiosk. The user will be directed to an URL, where they can follow the provided instructions to complete the sign in process on their own smartphone.

6. How do visitors scan the QR Code?

Most smartphones have a built-in QR code reader within their camera app. On some older phones, you may not have this capability and would need to download a QR Reader app from their respective app stores (iPhone App Store or Google Play).

7. What are Visitor Agreements?

If enabled, EntryLogic can present and prompt visitors to electronically accept documents of your choosing. Most companies will use this to acquire acknowledgement for several types of documents, including waivers, release forms, non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s), safety documents, and more. The acknowledgements are recorded and saved to each visitor’s profile, which can be renewed during their next visit if you update the document or have set specific time parameters. An email containing the document can also be automatically sent to the visitor upon their acceptance.

8. Can the visitor accept the visitor agreement and add a photo during touchless sign in?

Yes, once the visitor is directed to the URL to complete their sing in, they will be prompted to accept the visitor agreement (if enabled) and take a photo with their own device. This photo will be stored in their profile for future use as well as printed on the badge.

9. Can I pre-register guests?

Through the web application, users have the ability to send invitations pre-registering guests prior to their visit. The intended guest will receive a link to complete the required information prior to their arrival. The guest will also receive a QR code providing a streamlined contactless sign in process when they arrive. Hosts also have the ability to add additional guests to invitations. Each visitor will receive their own invitation and unique QR code.

10. Recurring Visits

With EntryLogic, you have the ability to set specific details for recurring visits. If you have contractors that are visiting for a defined period of time or auditors doing field work over several sequential days, you have the ability to set specific parameters for their visit. Their QR code will provide them the required access during their repeating schedule. After the defined time frame lapses, the QR code will no longer be valid.

11. Host Notifications

With EntryLogic, employees (hosts) are automatically notified when their visitor arrives. This makes lobby management efficient and enables the receptionist to focus on other activities.

12. Reporting & Analytics

Accessing historical visitor and employee data is just a few clicks away. With EntryLogic, you will have complete access to historical visitor and employee activity. You can quickly define time parameters and apply filters to extract the exact time frame, company, location, and visitor details you are looking for. This information will be graphically displayed to quickly see specific activity patterns (busy time-of-day segments, days of the week with the most activity, etc.) All of the supporting data can be easily exported via .csv or Excel.

13. Multiple Locations

With EntryLogic, you have visibility and complete control across multiple locations. You will have the ability to apply filters to see activity in one specific location or have full visibility across multiple. Each location can also support multiple tablets and entry points (reference points). By assigning reference points for each tablet, you will be able to monitor and analyze the activity for all access points across several locations.

14. Can I print ID badges?

Yes, badges can be printed directly from each tablet or from the web app.

15. What labels are recommended for the printer?

EntryLogic has designed its own thermal labels to optimize the quality and performance of our system. Additional labels are available through a link in the web app or by visiting EntryLogic.com.

16. What do I do if the printer says its offline?

If you receive a notification that the printer is “offline”, please make sure it is plugged into an AC outlet and the device is on. If the device is on, please confirm that the wireless (Bluetooth) is enabled and the device is connected. All of these settings are accessible through the settings panel in the web app.

17. Printer out-of-paper notifications

If the printer is to run out of labels, the admin will be automatically notified letting them know which printer and location needs attention.

18. Can I use other branded printers with EntryLogic?

We wanted to ensure high performance and simplicity, and as a result we worked closely with Ambir Technology to specifically design a printer to ensure the highest levels of performance and an optimized user experience.

19. How does the ID card Scanner work?

The ID scanner streamlines the sign in process by scanning either your Driver’s License (US and Canada) or Business Card. The scanner will extract relevant information and improve accuracy and security by automatically populating the available fields during the sign in flow.

20. How do I add employees to the EntryLogic system?

Employees can be added into the EntryLogic system manually or in bulk via a .csv file upload.

21. How does the employee sign in/sign out work?

Each employee in the system will be assigned their own unique QR code. This QR code can be accessed via an URL on their own smartphone, saved in their photos, or easily added to their Apple or Google Wallets for quick access. This QR code can be presented on the kiosk when they arrive or depart for touchless sign in or out.

22. How do I add my employee badge to Apple or Google Wallet?

Once an employee is added to the system, they will receive an email notification prompting them to create a password and will provide them with a link to their personal ID badge. The badge image can be saved or added to your Apple or Google Wallet by selecting that option.

23. What happens if an employee forgets their phone and does not have their QR code?

An admin can manually sign in and sign out employees from the web app. Additionally, an admin can print a temporary badge including the employees QR code, photo, and name, to allow temporary access.

24. Does EntryLogic support Multiple Tenants?

EntryLogic’s Building Manager, provides property managers and building owners operating facilities hosting multiple tenants, the security and productivity to lobby operations, while offering the safety and efficiency for each of their tenants. Property Operations teams will have full access to visitor and employee movements across all tenants, while enabling each tenant the ability to provide a unique sign in experience for their own visitors. As guests select the intended company from the kiosk, the sign-in flows, visitor agreements, watchlists and other preferences like host notifications are customizable and unique for each tenant. Tenant companies can also pre-register guests, benefiting from the same flexibility and unique sign in flow. Each tenant is also provided complete access to their own visitor and employee logs, ensuring complete visibility, safety, and security for their own workspace and employees.

25. The Watchlist

EntryLogic’s Watchlist is designed to prevent unwanted guests from entering your facility. By adding them to the restricted list, the admin and intended hosts will be immediately notified when someone from the watchlist attempts to sign in. The unwelcomed visitor will be unable to complete the sign in process and will be provided instructions to seek assistance. Additionally, hosts are unable to send invitations to restricted visitors on the Watchlist.

26. How does EntryLogic’s emergency notifications work?

EntryLogic’s emergency notifications allows you to quickly disseminate important information to both visitors and/or employees that are present. You are able to describe the nature of the issue and provide specific instructions. At the time of such notifications, an exportable log is created making it easy to conduct roll calls and have a full accounting for all present during the emergency.

27. Can I use an iPad?

Yes, while we recommend our own Android-based tablet which is designed to deliver the most seamless experience, EntryLogic does support iPad as well. We recommend any 10” iPad capable of running iOS 12 or newer.

28. Where is the data stored?

All of your data is safely and securely stored on Amazon Web Services.

29. What type of data do you store?

We record the date and time of your visit and store your name, phone number, email address, company name, and photo if provided. We do not retain copies of your Driver’s License if you scan your ID during check-in. This information is not, and will never be made publicly available.

30. How much does EntryLogic cost?

The cost of an EntryLogic plan will vary depending on which plan you choose. Please contact us if you do not find the information you are looking for on our pricing page (Link to pricing).

31. How long does an EntryLogic subscription last?

We offer both a monthly and annual subscription to meet your business needs. Our plans do not have minimum terms and will renew monthly or annually, depending on your plan.